At Etienne gardens we believe a good fence should offer privacy and security and provide protection from the elements, both for those who will use the garden and the plants and shrubs and any other installations within the garden.

However, there are many other benefits a well chosen fence can offer.

  • An acoustic fence can screen out traffic noise or other forms of noise pollution.
  • Replacing a solid fence with a horizontal slatted fence can increase the amount of light that enters the garden, thus opening up new planting possibilities.
  • The safety of small children or the family pet or a neighbour’s pet may be a consideration, not to mention foxes and other forms of wildlife.

Your individual requirements will influence your choice of fence, and we can advise not only on the practicalities of various types of fences but on how they will lend themselves to the overall look of your garden.

Fencing helps to define a space, providing a geometric area which can be divided up into different zones, creating specific areas of interest. Aesthetics are important, and our team are on hand to help you select the most complementary materials that will link the house to the garden, creating the perfect outdoor room.

Ultimately a fence exists to mark the boundary of a garden by offering enclosure. We use this necessary structure as an opportunity to enhance the beauty of your garden. We guarantee that you will never again look at a fence as a mere screening structure as we open your eyes to what can be achieved by the addition of carefully selected fencing.

As approved installers of Jacksons Fencing we offer the peace of mind of a 25-year guarantee on materials.