Moonlight never ceases to amaze and delight me, something that gives the illusion the glow is self possessed.

To have and to hold trust is to say ‘I feel quite safe’
More so, it feels OK to say I know.
Then how so I waver when someone says I know.
To trust and believe in oneself is to say no to embarrassment and shame.
To say OK, that’s me – no cobwebs, no closets, naked and bare for all to see,
To stand up and say no one has a hold on me.

From here on, I move on out of darkness
Into the morning light, where children laugh and grown-ups smile
And say what a delight to see the shine so bright.
New start, a bright light, a thirsty mind, an eagerness to say
I want to grow, and stand strong with angels with eyes so bright, you become a shining light
What a delight to say I am.

To fly to heavens never flown before
To be humble and content and to be able to strive at a steady pace
To say from deep within, I love myself
And look after myself as a mother looks after her new born child
To hold and comfort, and then to say you are quite safe over here
It’s true to say I have wasted so much time in life, so I shall not let time waste me.