“I have known Paul approximately four years – during which time he has executed a number of varying garden projects on our property.

“Paul is always a delight to work with. He is at all times open, friendly, prompt and efficient in all manner of engagement. He is an excellent collaborator – especially as it relates to how best to execute an idea, a garden or building plan – and how best to manage it financially.

“He has always been accurate with his quotes and generous and open minded when unforeseen matter arise. He is always open, honest and easy to communicate with during a project. Naturally friendly to all he encounters, he is a wonderful asset as it may relate to any uncertain neighbours – or inter-marital disputes over garden plans or executions! He easily puts himself in other people’s positions – and is always able to achieve harmony and good humour out of any discord or uncertainty which may arise.

“His understanding of gardens, lawns, plants and their requirements and process is clearly considerable and he is always open and generous – thinking and working as to what may be improved by this or that – going out of his way to advise, teach and make suggestions beyond the limits of the job in hand.

“Paul has a good team around him who work regularly under his instruction. Despite managing a number of jobs at any one time, he is always an excellent communicator with his clients, keeping in touch regularly by mobile to advise the client as to what the next best step or intention is to be.

“Paul has built walls, created irrigation systems, laid lawns, patio tiles, pruned and cut back, created elaborate timber flats, constructed climbing frames for me  at varying times throughout the past years. I would say that his execution at all times has been “top level” and that he provides an exceptional service – friendly, unerringly professional and always with honesty and genuine good value. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Martha Fiennes


“Friendly, unerringly professional and always with honesty and genuine good value”