“I approached many landscape gardeners about my project, but only Paul seemed to understand what was really needed. My home was originally built in the 19th century as a Methodist Hall / Chapel and the conversion 30 years ago left the property with a very narrow, grim entrance passage and a very confined, high-walled terrace to the rear – all much neglected.

“I wanted to make the front garden and entrance welcoming, and for the rear garden to retain a flavour of its spiritual heritage as a safe place (my shorthand for this was The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett).

“Paul quickly grasped the concept, and was able to identify a very talented and experienced designer who did not find the challenge too daunting, and saw the opportunity to develop the area into an exciting, multi-faceted environment using the high walls in a positive way. With great attention to detail, the approach to my house bas become inviting, light and airy while the rear garden has become a sanctuary that no longer feels restrictive.

“The planting is extremely beautiful, imaginative and varied, flowing from formal to woodland wild, and the beautifully rendered high walls have become a means to trap fragrance as the warmth of the south-facing aspect works its charm.

“The fountain with fish enhance the peacefulness, while the trompe l’oeil and gate open up the area to suggest a beautiful world beyond. I also seem to have a lot more useable space for entertaining, and seating areas that allow me to enjoy both my early morning breakfasts late evening drinks in the sunshine.

“Paul has remarkable personal skills, and maintained excellent communication throughout, allowing well-informed financial as well as logistical decisions. He approached all challenges with tireless energy and enthusiasm, and retained patience and faith in the scheme. I found Paul and his skilful team hardworking, well-mannered and trustworthy. It is a more beautiful environment than I ever thought possible.”

Ruth Davies

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“I found Paul and his skilful team hardworking, well-mannered and trustworthy”