Dolphin, just breaks, skims through
One man lends wings to another.
Life enters the world.

The cold biting winter passes, spring turns to summer
The evergreens know it’s May.

Like a rainbow after the rain, a smile breaks through.
Paddling pool, children smiling, mothers laugh, splash back.
Intense heat, fish in shallow water.

Desert, endless swords clash,
Vultures hover high above, death’s gates await its next victim.
Reprieve, or bereaved.

Floating, amidst oblivion, tranquillity
Past experiences flash before my very eyes
A blink of an eye, my life.

Full of energy, the chains and confinement of earth
Are relinquished, a spirit that is free ascends at a speed unknown
And incomprehensible to man.

Transparent wings, the roundness of earth behind.
Existence before time is reborn

What a revelation, in a time of tribulation.
Heaven awaits, a new angel is born.